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bandar board of directors

Board of Directors

Chairman Md. Serajul Islam
Managing Director Md. Abul Kalam
Director Md. Harun-ur-Rashid
Director Md. Kamrul Islam Pappu
Director Mrs. Sabina Yasmeen
Director Alhaj Md.Akhtar Hossain Khan
Director Sharif Ahmed
Director Md.Kausar Ahmed

Speech from Directors

Md. Serajul Islam
Chairman, BSI

Steel is one of the key factors in modern civilization. A revolution is currently taking place in steel sector of Bangladesh and we are very glad to become a part of it. Our sole concern is to fulfill customer satisfaction level by providing them best quality goods. We have our strongest team only for quality sector. The goal of BSI family is tor reach at the top position in steel sector by means of quality.


Md. Abul Kalam
Managing Director, BSI

No civil construction can be announced safe and riskless without good quality steel, as well as, there is no trade of between profit and safety. A sophisticated structure is impossible to prepare unless quality steel is used as manufacturing element. We are trying to provide steel with such quality that will increase the longevity of the structure.


Md. Harun-ur-Rashid
Director, BSI

People of Bangladesh are now well concerned regarding the quality issue. Deformed steel bars are generally used as reinforcing agent and good quality steel is not possible to produce without proper monitoring. We have our strongest team only for quality sector. From very beginning to ending step, QCD of BSI always have a close eye to ensure that quality of our products never been compromised.


Alhaj Md.Akhtar Hossain Khan
Director, BSI

We don’t want to be confined only on local areas; our dream is to compete with international level. Now we have all sort of technical facilities to prepare quality deformed steel bars. Now we are moving towards our dream and are trying to maintain various international quality standards along with Bangladeshi standard.

Md. Kamrul Islam Pappu
Director, BSI

Production of quality steel is the present challenge in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is in the earthquake prone area due to geographical location, so there is no alternative of quality structural steel usage. Bandar Steel Industries Limited (BSI) is always committed to deliver quality structural steel with required property balance. Quality is strictly controlled by our skilled engineers with most sophisticated, improved and worldwide accepted instruments enriched lab facilities. National and international standards are strictly maintained here. BSI never compromise with quality. As a consequence we have achieved several achievements such as fatigue tested at UK upto 50,00,000 (50 lacs) cyclic loading, PWD enlistment, BSTI certification, successfully BUET tested and so on. Bandar Steel is not just a name but its a strength of future construction of Bangladesh. And our dream is to achieve the number one position as per quality all over the country.


Mrs.Sabina Yasmeen
Director, BSI

A perfect national and economical development is possible, if we are capable of rapid improvement of construction and other infra-structure development by ourselves.The advanced national economy strongly depends on quality steel.Steel is an essential element in our daily life for structural purpose.Bandar steel Industries Limited(BSI) always determines to deliver good quality steel products and to serve the nation by strong foundation of construction and economic development.

Sharif Ahmed
Director, BSI

For the world population expansion and nation's development, there is an enomous need for additional infrastructure, high-rise buildings and good communication systems.As a consequence all developed or developing countries require an innovative steel industry which can fulfill huge demand for quality structural steel.Bandar Steel Industries Limited (BSI) is a brand name for such quality structural steel products.BSI has latest sophisticated testing equipments.These equipments are the best for ensuring accurate and precise analysis of the products being manufactured.


Md.Kausar Ahmed
Director, BSI

Without quality one cannot stand in the national market as well as in the global market.Bandar Steel Industries Limited ( BSI ) always believes in quality.We always prefer to give best quality product as per our customer's desire.We strictly concentrate on quality from the starting of MS deformed bar production up to final completion.We are regularly asking our valued customers about the quality of the products supplied by us.We also maintain records for giving proper feedback and best service to our valued customers.


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